Google search Tutorials For Beginners

Today I was thinking How We can Teach the basics of Computers to Our Kids and make him a geek like me.  I found Info-graphics , Pictures and Videos are the best way to deliver the Messages rather than writing paragraphs and text. So I would like to add new Category Web School where I

How to create Wikipedia e-book – Tutorial

e-books are becoming famous now. People started to create their own e-books and start selling in online. Do you got a book Shop? create e-book Print them and sell and Make Money. Here is an Simple trick to create a Wikipedia e-book. How to Generate Wikipedia e-book : Wikipedia is a famous site which has information

How to Make money with Wikipedia?

Make money with Wikipedia ? Wondering ! Yes It’s Possible Now You can make money now by creating Wikipedia e-book , Print it and sell it on your book shops. How to Create Wikipedia e-book & make money Wikipedia has recently released a set of tools to enable users create and print eBooks, which is

How to Customize Folder Icons in Windows 8

Do you want to customize your Folder Icon on your Windows Computer ? Are you People who usually align everything in a Proper folder ? Then you must try this ? A Picture will make you to identify the Folder easy and Faster ? Make your Computer to intreact with you now. How to Change

PC Maintenance – Clean computer Physically – Guide

PC Maintenance is very simple Process. In Most of the house we got computer , but now people are switching over from Computer to Laptop’s,  Tablets & Smart Phones. But still It’s very essential to clean and maintain a Computer. so that the Life span of the Computer will get increased. How To Clean &

Waterproof Sony Smartphone Xperia ZR Specification & Features

Water Proof smartphones are introduced by Sony in the Market Now. Sony usually delivered a quality and different product. Again This time they proved the same the Sony Xperia ZR is a Water resistant smartphones which for 30 Minutes in 5 feet which allows under water Photography. Best waterproof Smartphone Sony Xperia ZR Sony comes

Clean Touch Screen Tablet/Mobile/devices – Video Tutorial

Many people started using touch screen devices like Mobile phones, iPad, iPhone etc.. You should keep it dirt free so that the product will come for life long. In the last article I described in words that how to clean your touch screen device . How To clean Touch Screen Mobile Phones & other Devices