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How to Check Out Website/domain Age – Ultimate Guide:

Do you want to find or check the Age of the Website? Usually People will be very Curious to know the age and other details of the website. Especially Bloggers used to check the age of their Competitor Website. There are many different tools to check out how old the website or the domain is

TechieBeat Version 2.0 – Upgraded

TechieBeat started on a Valentine Month February 2013. Initially I don’t have any idea on blogging. But in this One year I understood the basic concepts of Blogging. My Goal for 2014 is to make my blog Professional One. I would to Term it as “TechieBeat Version 2.0″ Reloaded. Are you very curious to know about Version

Get Live Advice & Learn New With Google Helpouts

Google Helpouts which allows people from all over the world to help each other by sharing their time. Google is introducing many new user friendly applications like Google Hangout – Allows user to interact with each other where you got group vide chat etc.. Google Inactive Manager Account  – Decide Who want to Access all

How to add sitemap to WordPress website footer

Add Sitemap to WordPress Website/Blog footer Website Sitemap is important to Search engine to crawl your Pages.  The main Purpose of the Site Map is to identify the Pages of the Website which are not discovered by Google. If you got your sitemap on the landing page or Home page of your website or WordPress Website.