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Steps to Retrieve Data from Crashed Hard Disk

Did Hard disk got crashed? Is it possible to retrieve the data from corrupted hard drive?  Hard disk will get crashed in unexpected situation it results in Data Loss. To avoid data loss you need to have the backup data from computer every week or you need to store files in Online or we should

How to Customize Folder Icons in Windows 8

Do you want to customize your Folder Icon on your Windows Computer ? Are you People who usually align everything in a Proper folder ? Then you must try this ? A Picture will make you to identify the Folder easy and Faster ? Make your Computer to interact with you now. How to Change &

Download & Install WhatsApp for Windows Computer

Want to install WhatsApp messenger App For Windows Personal computer ? Is it Possible to download WhatsApp and make it work in Computer ? Yes it Possible now you can access all your android apps in Computer. To know more detail real below Download & Install WhatsApp for Windows 7 /8/Vista/XP on PC WhatsApp is the

Steps to Enable/Disable Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts

Many People used to use Shortcuts in their computer. Even some People use Computer without the mouse. So its very essiential one to learn the shortcuts to work with computer . So that You can finish your work much faster. How to Enable or ON /Disable or OFF  Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts : Do you want to

How to handle/use a Mouse – Learn With Demo

Most of the time Bloggers who do blogging and IT Professionals who do code sit in front of computer for day & nights. Even IT Professional people used to stay at night and do their development work. But they don’t know how to take care of the health when they are sitting in front of computer. So

Free Software Download to convert Photo into Cartoon & Sketch Images – Cartoonize Your Photos

Want to convert your Po trait photo into an cartoonist or Pencil shade Picture ? checkout our article to best Photo editing software and apps download & convert the Photo into Cartoon & sketch images on Windows, Mac & for android tablets. Convert Photos into Cartoon & Sketch Images [Windows/Mac/Android] Now you can convert your