Create Google+ Business Page for Blog/Website: Tutorial

Did you Started a New Business ? Do you want to create a business Page on Google Plus & in other Social Networking Websites like Facebook ?

How to Create Business Page On Google Plus – Ultimate Guide

Internet Marketing plays an major role in modern World. Since people started to purchase the product in online more . Online Shopping has been boomed much bigger in India. People started to use Mobile Phones with internet. Even they started read the reviews of the product before they buy. So for a new brand it’s very important to create a business page on Google Plus. If you want your brand to be in long run you should know how to interact with people in both online and offline. Social Networking Plays a major role for spreading your brands in online. Google + is famous one of the Social Networking site  where you can create business pages, upload videos and images and can even share to friends like Facebook.

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Now let’s see how to create/ Make a Google Plus brand page for Your business. Before starting , You can have an look at my Techie beat Google Plus Page here

Steps for Creating Google Plus Business Page for a new Brand:

Step #1 : Go to create Page and choose appropriate category for your brand

Step #2 : Choose the name and enter the site name as below and click continue .

Step #3:  Now the Page is Created.

Step #4 : After the Page Created , Do the following thins which are given below

  • About  – Some Intro About the Business Page
  • Profile & Cover Photo – Upload Profile Photo & Cover for business Page
  • Gallery – Upload Photos and Videos if needed for Business

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