Clear Internet Browsing History on iOS Devices – Guide

Do you to delete the recent history on your iOS Devices ? Some People Want to clear their web history before any one touches their devices in home, because you don’t want to get caught  by Family members such as brother, Sister or your Strict Mom. Do you want to erase the web history now?

How to Delete Internet Browsing History on iPhone iPod iPad :

Follow the steps given below to erase your history on your iPhone Devices ? It’s Very Simple and you can clear your recent History easily. Do Comment us if you have any problem with the steps given below. Share it with your on the Social Network so that you friends may also not get caught in Home.

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Recycle Bin Icon

Recycle Bin Icon

Step to clear the Internet Browsing Web history : 

Step #1 : Turn on your device such as iPhone or iPad or iPod

Step #2 : Select “safari” browser from your home screen

Step #3 : select “Bookmarks” icon in the browser window

Step #4 : Select “History” button

Step #5 : Tap the clear Button then select the “Clear History “ button

Now Your Broswer web history Will be cleared on the respective your  iOS deceives

Video Tutorial :

Screenshot for Clearing Recent History & Data :

Clear Cookies & Data on iPhone

Clear Cookies & Data on iPhone

How to Clear History on Safari iPhone

How to Clear History on Safari iPhone

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