How to delete Internet Web Browsing History

Do you delete the Web history From you Computer Such as in chrome , Firefox & Internet Explore. Some times People wanted to clear recent history before any one touches computer. It’s very to clear the browser history.

How to Erase Web History from Chrome Mozilla Firefox & IE:

Erase the Web Browsing From your browsers easily? Follow the steps given below to clear the Browsing history


Steps to clear Browser history in Google chrome : 

Step #1: Open Google Chrome.

Step #2: Click on Customize and control Google Chrome Button

Step #3: Navigate to Settings >> Show advanced settings

Step #4: Click Clear browsing data and select the beginning of time in privacy tab.

Steps to clear Browser history in Firefox :

Step #1 : Open the Browser Firefox

Step #2: Goto Tools -> clear Recent History Or use the shortcut icon for erasing the history ( Ctrl +shift + Del)

Steps to clear Browser history in Internet Explorer:

Step #1 : Open the Internet Explorer Browser

Step #2 : Goto Tools -> Internet Options

Step #3 : Select General Tab and you will have broswer history

Step #4 : you will have an delete option to delete the web History

Few Extra Tips :

Note : You can also delete the cookies, passwords etc.. All the browsers will have check box option. And you can delete the browsers history specific date

Note : You can delete the chrome history with specified period of Time

Got Mobile Phone ? Want to Clear the History in Mobile Phones ?

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