Disable or Block JavaScript for specific Websites – How To

How to Enable & Disable Or Block Javascript (JS)  in Google Chrome – Firefox & IE

Here are the simple Steps to block or disable a website from running Javascript – Google chrome

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Steps for disabling JavaScript (JS)  in specific Websites : 

Step 1 : Open chrome Browser -> Settings -> Navigate to ‘Show advanced settings’

Step 2 : Under Privacy, click on ‘content settings’

Step 3 : You can find an ‘JavaScript’ that has been default enabled for all websites.

Step 4:  To disable JavaScript for  all Websites there is option for disabling it

Step 5 :  To disable JavaScript for  Specific or individual Websites You can find ‘Managed Exceptions’.

Step 6 : click on it . JavaScript Manage Exception Pop-up Box Window will prompt.

Step 7 : Now enter the host name pattern as below and select the behavior whether you need to enable or disable JavaScript for the URL.

Step 8 : Go to Chrome browser settings and navigate to ‘Show advanced settings’.

Note : You can always remove all the exceptions created whenever needed

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