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Got New brand new Nokia Asha Mobile Phone? Do you want to download the basic apps for your Asha Phone ? Are you searching for an good website to download all the Software’s for your Phone ? You can download Free Apps All Nokia Asha Phone. Also you can download games and other basic software’s for Nokia Asha Phones here

Download Basic App , Antivirus , Games & Software’s – Nokia Asha Mobile Phone :

Nokia Asha Phones is a budget smartphone introduced in India last year , by Nokia . Did you got the Asha Phone Recently. Then its necessary to install the basic app antivirus , Games & other software’s for the Phones. This article will be really helpful for the people to install all the basic Apps for their new Asha Mobiles.

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Asha Phones Supported :

Nokia Asha 200 | Nokia Asha 202 | Nokia Asha 305 | Nokia Asha 311 | Nokia Asha 300 | Nokia Asha 306 | Nokia Asha 303 | Nokia Asha 201 |Nokia Asha 501|


Nokia Asha 501 [Red, Yellow Blue ,Black , white & Green ]

Colored Nokia Asha Phones

Nokia Asha Phones Games Free Download:

All Mobile users play games in their touch screen mobiles. Nokia Asha Touch screen games are very Famous and you can download all the famous games for Nokia Asha Over here .You can download angry birds , Temple run, Fruit ninja all these famous games by navigation to the download Nokia Asha Page

Download Nokia Asha Phone Games

Basic Apps & Software’s For Nokia Asha Phone

Basic Apps and software’s are important for mobile users in a day today life. We used to take pictures, send SMS, mms, use internet, read news etc…

So I classified into three types

  • Best  Browsers  App
  • Essential Utilities App
  • Best Chat App
  • Best Fun Apps
  • Best Antivirus App (i.e.) Best Security App

Antivirus for Nokia Asha Phones:

Antivirus for Nokia Asha Mobile Phone is a necessary because we need security. Now ever days most people are using internet in their mobile phones. So there are lot of chance that virus can attack on the phones while downloading from the internet. So it’s better to have an best antivirus to be installed on the phones

Best Antivirus  for Nokia Asha Mobile Phones

Mobile Browsers app

Mobile Browsers App is the used to surf with internet. The Opera Mini and the UC browser are the best browsers available in the market for Nokia Asha Phone. Find the Download links below

Free Download UC Browser for Nokia Asha Phone

Free Download Opera Mini for Nokia Asha Phone


Essential Utilities App

PDF Reader is one of the Essential Utility for day today life. We used to read storied or read important documents etc… So PDF app saves the time and makes you to use the time efficiently. Find the download link for the Essential Utilities below

Download PDF Reader for Nokia Asha Phones


Best Chat App

Chat App is used to share unlimited photos, texting, group text messaging etc…  This make you stay connected with your friend group where they can share the information easily and effectively like text messaging, video, Photo and file Sharing WhatsApp and Viber are the best chat App for Nokia Asha Smartphone’s

Download WhatsApp for Nokia Asha Phones

Download Viber for Nokia Asha Phones


Best Fun apps

The funniest app which everyone loves personally is Taking Tom. You can install this on your mobile and play with him in various aspects like petting, poking and grabbing his tail.  I am 100 % sure that your kids would love this fun game app

Download Taking Tom for Nokia Asha Phones

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