Get free background music for YouTube videos – How To

Get Free background Music Library for your Videos . Check out the background Music Library for your Videos From Youtube Over here

YouTube Adds Background Music Library for Videos :

The Perfect background music can make your video look better.  Now YouTube has launched a free audio library – 150 royalty-free instrumental tracks. Users can get or download the background music or the tracks as Mp3 files and you can add them to videos.

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Anyone can download the free background music or the track from YouTube Audio library and use them for your video. A Special thanks to YouTube for creating free music or sound tracks for our videos.  You can find How to download free background music for your Videos from [YouTube] Audio Library.


Steps for downloading free background Music or sound tracks for your videos from YouTube Music library and add in your videos:

Step #1:  Log in YouTube Website with your User ID and Password.

Step #2: And Navigate to YouTube Dashboard

Step #3: Find ‘Creation Tools’ on the left Menu bar. Under which find an option ‘Audio Library’ where you can download and add it as background music for your YouTube Videos

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YouTube Background Music Library Features:

  1. Got plenty of music files where you can download free and use it as background music for your videos.
  2. You have an option for listening and downloading the background music for free in online from YouTube.
  3. You can compose your own music and submit it.
  4. Well Organized into Groups, so it will be very useful for the YouTube users to select the type of appropriate music for their videos

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