Good Secret Santa Gifts | Christmas Presents & Ideas | 2013 (Cheap)

Secret Santa Cheap Christmas Gifts under $5

The Countdown to Christmas 2013 in on, Many Secret Santa will be searching best Cheap Christmas gifts to present. Each Christmas gifts should be budget-friendly. Here are best cheap Christmas Gift ideas for Secret Santa. We have separated the Secret Santa Xmas gifts based on Price.

Find the Cheap Secret Santa Christmas Gifts below

5 Secret Santa Gifts for $5 – Ideas


Funky ,Stretchy Shaped Band/Bracelet:

                Rainbow Bands are just rubber bracelets which come with brightly colored packs with different shapes like animals, girl, car etc… But when you wear them on your hands it just look like normal bracelets, when you take them off and keep it on desk it will transform back to the shape before. The Gift Pack contains 12 colorful bands. Secret Santa present it to the kids and even teens [Guys and Girls] who can wear this beautiful gift for Christmas 2013.

rainbow-bands 1

rainbow-bands 1

LED Pulse Band:

LED Pulse Bands would be a perfect accessory cheap gift for Christmas 2013 when you while partying in bars and clubs. The funky bracelets made from silicone with super bright SMD LED Lights. Available in Red, white, black and blue colors. This would be a great Christmas gift for your friends who used to go for bars and clubs at night. We suggest to Secret Santa to buy this best gifts for Christmas under $5.

LED Bands

LED Bands

Key chains:

Flashlet LED Keyring:

We used to walk often in darkness in night. Flashlet LED key rings would be more helpful for the people to visible around. It will be tiny device clip onto key rings,dog collars,belt loops and bracelets. The best feature of them is motion activated. (i.e.) more you move the more the light will shineJ.

It contains two super bright motions sensitive LED Lights, with a simple on/off Switch. You can present for the people like who used to walk in darkness. Secret Santa can present it to the kids so that they can use it while walking from home to school in dark winter nights J

LED Torch Keychain

LED Torch Keychain

Small LED Torch Keychain:

It’s a Portable key chain Led Torch. It’s small torch and lightweight and a portable with LED. no Batteries are required for this keychain.  This would be one of the Secret Santa Gift under $5

Stationary Gifts :

Drumstick Pens & Pencils:

The best gift for Secret Santa to kids would be Drumstick Pens & Pencils: Secret Santa can gift to a kid or adults who are interested in music and dream to become a rock star in future.

Drumstick Pen & Pencils

Drumstick Pen & Pencils

              Best Gadget gifts for Secret Santa to the school kids who used to drive car in the school desk 😛 (I.e) Playful /naughty kids . This is a Pullbax Pencil Racers, At one end of the Pencil you can attach the front of the car and onto the other end you are ready to roll. The awesome feature of this gadget is you can pull back the car and it will automatically move forward at high speeds on the desk.

You can replace it with other standard pencil too J The Gadget Pack consist of set of stickers so that you can decorate you can on your own style and a spark plug designed for erasers J. An excellent gift for the kids from Secret Santa

Shocking Pen:

Shocking pen would be a good gift for Christmas 2013. You can feel the shock hits on your fingers when click at the top of the pen. The Pack contains a Pen with 3* AG3 batteries. This would be Good gift for the Christmas for Santa

Shocking Pen

Shocking Pen

Kitchen Items:

You can give or gift the kitchen items gifts for Christmas 2013. You can Gift these Christmas gifts to the family & friends during the Christmas dinner.(i.e) You can play the Christmas games 2013 and gift the chirstmas present to the people who win the game. Kitchen items would be good idea to gift for the Secret Santa

Mugs :

Coffee Mug would be personalized gift for Christmas 2013. You can Give for  the kids and even adults who can use it in their daily lifestyle as Coffer Mug, Pen Holder Stand etc..

Bottle Opener:

Bottle Opener helps you to open wine & beer bottles and other bottles. Instead of biting and ruining the teeth to open up the bottles you can bottle openers to open them

Bottle Opener Design

Bottle Opener Design

Other Funky Items:

Zombie Sleep Mask :

                Zombie Sleeping Mask would be good gift for everyone. You can gift it to all the people. Everyone might use it when they sleep. You can also carry out the undead theme . Zombie sleep Mask ia s Polyester with cotton back & elastic band. This would be one of the unusual gift  idea for Santa

Sleep Mask Designs

Sleep Mask Designs

Buzz Magnets:

Buzz Magnets would be an good playful accessory for kids. You can Play it with the Buzz Magnets in the air and the super power hematite magnets stick together. 🙂

Tiger Ballerina Slippers:

Secret Santa can present a Beautiful gift for Christmas .Tiger Ballerina would be one of the gift for your kids from Secret Santa

Tiger Bella Slippers

Tiger Bella Slippers


Harmonica musical instrument gift would be one of the favorite gifts for the people who love music. Secret Santa can present this for this Christmas 2013

Tobacco Smoking Pipe

Tobacco smoking pipe a good gift the Christmas 2013 for the old people. Secret Santa can gift it to the old people.

Secret Santa Usual Gift Ideas for Christmas 2013

  • Candies
  • Pair of Socks
  • Mini-Piggy Bank in Gift Box
  • Digital watches
  • Pin Badgets


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