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WhatsApp gives a little surprise for their Android Users. You can now officially hide the ‘Last seen at’ time on WhatsApp in Android Mobile Phone, it is just like you can do with on iOS.

New Feature WhatsApp offers:

Facebook understand the privacy of a person was the very important; it may be either on the social media or chat. As soon as Facebook acquired WhatsApp, they introduced many new features for the privacy settings which are listed below.

Privacy setting on WhatsApp to hide ‘Last Seen At’ Timestamp, Profile Pics, Status Messages:

  1. Allows the user to hide “Last Seen at” timestamp on Whatsapp from your friends
  2. Allows you to hide/disable profile pictures, images etc…
  3. Allows you to hide the Status message on WhatsApp in Android Smartphone’s
  4. Switch freely between the visible & invisible Status without having to wait for 24 hours for the changes to get reflect.
Hide Profile Picture, Last seen Time Stamp & Status On WhatsApp

Hide Profile Picture, Last seen Time Stamp & Status On WhatsApp

The one disadvantage we have seen is like you can disable the ‘Last seen at’ timestamp, profile picture, status message by choosing the option “turn it off” for strangers. You cannot choose to hide from some of your contacts.

Note: You cannot make these changes to your settings in iOS, but you can do with android phone

The Privacy feature is not available on the Google Play Store Version of WhatsApp now. But you can download & install the updated WhatsApp apk from the website. As of now this shows that these new feature is not available to everyone right now.

Important Note: we would highly recommend to have the backup of your chat WhatsApp messages and WhatsApp files. Here is a tutorial on “How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp messages & Files“. Get a step by step for tutorial for installing WhatsApp new version.

How to Hide ‘Last Seen At’ Timestamp, Status, Profile Picture on WhatsApp in Android Mobile Phones:

Follow the Steps to hide timestamp, status, profile Pics given below. Before installing or setting up of new version make sure that your mobile phone is running on Android 2.1 or new version and also tap the settings menu in your android Smartphone and enable ‘Download from Unknown services’ in the security tab.

Hide Profile Picture, Last seen Time Stamp & Status On WhatsApp

Hide Profile Picture, Last seen Time Stamp & Status On WhatsApp

Steps to disable the ‘Last Seen At’ Timestamp, Status and Profile on WhatsApp:

Step#1:Visit the Official WhatsApp website and download the new APK file (i.e.) Application file

Download the new WhatsApp APK

Step #2:After downloading the file on the android device, tap on it. You can see two options are getting displayed on it. They are listed below

1. ‘Package Installer’

2. ’Verify & Install’

Step #3: Select “Package Installer”. You will receive a message which says that this application will make changes to WhatsApp.

Step #4:Allow it to alter the app. Now WhatsApp data will be retained after the changes and the Whatsapp has been updated

Step #5:You will get a message saying that this app

Step #6: Now Select Settings > Account >Privacy where you can see three option. (i.e.)Last Seen, Status &Profile Photo. Find the snapshot below for your reference

Step #7: Choose the option and tap on the item which you need to hide or disable.

Step #8:After tapping it will display three options under that (i.e.)

  1. Everyone – Your Last seen, Profile Photo, status will available to all WhatsApp Users
  2. My Contacts – Your Last seen, Profile Photo, status will be available to all WhatsApp Users  from your contacts on the address book only (i.e.) hide/disables other than your contacts
  3. Nobody – Your last seen, profile photo & status will not be available to anyone (i.e.) Hide from all

Step #9:Select the option under each category & set your Privacy settings

That’s it. Your Privacy settings for hiding for timestamp, profile picture status were done. Let me know whether the tutorial was helpful to you.

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