Hide/Disable WhatsApp ‘Last Seen Time’ on iOS

Do you have Boyfriend/Girlfriend who text you in WhatsApp profile 24 * 7, fights with you often for not replying the messages in WhatsApp [When he/she finds WhatsApp last seen at time]. Do you got friends hate you for reading their messages but not replying for them.

The Simple Solution for this problem is to hiding the time you were last seen for WhatsApp on iPhone. Do you know Whatsapp for Nokia Mobile Phones is now available for Nokia Mobile Phones?

Hide WhatsApp Last Seen time on iPhone:

WhatsApp for iPhone has an inbuilt feature which lets you “hide the last seen time” easily without install any applications or software’s on iPhone. You can just do with the settings option available. Follow the Steps given below to hide the ‘last seen time’ on WhatsApp in iPhone.

Note: Make sure you download & install Whatsapp on your iPhone, before preceding the steps

Steps to disable WhatsApp Last Seen Time on WhatsApp

Step #1:After Launching WhatsApp, Go to ‘Settings’.

Step #2:Then, tap on ‘Advanced’ option available there.

Step #3:You can see the option for ‘Last seen Timestamp’. Turn it off.


To be Short: Open WhatsApp > Settings > Advanced > Last Seen Time stamp > Turn if off

That’s it now your Last seen Time stamp has been disabled from your iPho


Hide WhatsApp ‘Last Seen Time stamp’ on iPhone

ne. To enable it again you just need the option to be turned off to turn on (i.e.) ‘Turn it on’ with advanced options.

Is it Possible to download and access WhatsApp on your computer (PC) or Laptop? Yes, Now You can. Follow the steps to download & install WhatsApp for computer.

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