How to Charge Phone Faster – iPhone & Android Tips

Mobile Phone battery life is always an major concern for Smartphones users because they used to hear songs, Play games, text messaging, etc.. So it’s get drained Quickly. Here are some tips to charge your cell Phone easily and faster.

Samsung Android Phone cahrger

Samsung Android Phone cahrger

Tips For Charging Your Phone Faster :

1. Turn Off your Mobile Phone while charging – If your turned off it wont use any power so the charging Process becomes Faster

2.  Give Break – Don’t use your mobiles for playing games,hearing songs etc.. Give a break until it gets fully charged

3. Put Your handset in “Airplane Mode” – This will stop looking for cellular signals . so the the process gets ore speeder.

4. Power Outlet – Rather than using USB Port , Power Outlet is a best way to charge faster.

5. Keep It cool – Everybody knows that high temperature reduces the battery Performance. so keep the battery cool.

6. Battery Maintenance – In lithium based battery, it is more important to keep the electrons moving occasionally. so we charge your phone 100% and run it down once in a month.

7. Manage It – Do common base settings like manage screen brightness, adjust mobile display, change screen time out to 20 sec.

8. Disable It- Turn of Bluetooth/Wifi. Activating Bluetooth will eat your battery  in an hour.

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