How to Keep Cleaning Touch Screen Devices & Gadgets

How to keep Touch Screen Mobile Phones Clean always ? Many people started using touch screen devices like Mobile phones, iPad, iPhone etc.. You should keep it dirt free so that the product will come for life long. A smart guide which explains the best ways to clean the touch screen devices & gadgets Such as smart Phones , Laptops etc.. so that your touch screen devices will be always dirt free and it cleans all your smudges on the Screen Glass

How to Clean Touch screen Mobile Phones & Tablets [Gadgets] 

Do you got a new Tablet?  Are you interested  in cleaning it regularly ? Still I remember in my childhood days. My dad usually “Cleans his all devices Such as from Electronics to car”. even he keeps his home clean and dirt free. I used to wonder why he is doing like this . But now I realized only if you keep the product dirt free, the product life will get increased.

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Last 3 years people started to buy more touch screen Gadgets, especially Mobiles & tablets. Most of these gadgets are touch screen devices. We all know that the gadgets life depends on how well you maintain the device. So its necessary to clean the tablets, mobiles, computer monitors or other touch screen devices regularly. If you are not cleaning it properly you can see full of fingerprint trails or Smudges on the Screen glass.

Cleaning Touch Screen Mobile Phone with Microfiber Cloth

Cleaning Touch Screen Mobile Phone with Microfiber Cloth

Things Needed to clean the Device :

  • Any soft cloth Microfiber cloth. you can also use the cloth  that comes with your sunglasses
  • Distilled water

Steps to Clean the Touch screen Device & Gadget :

Step #1 : Switch off your mobile or the electronic device

Step #2 : Take the Micro fiber cloth & clean the touch screen gently.

Step #3 : Moisten the cloth with either distilled water

Step #4: Now clean with small circular motion.

Step #5 : Finally clean the touch screen with dry cloth gently

Note : Buy a scratch guard to prevent from scratches

Points to Remember before cleaning :

  • Don’t put too much pressure on the screen
  • Never use papers or towels or tissues
  • Don’t sprinkle water directly on the screen

Video Tutorial :

Here is an good video tutorial for cleaning  touch screen Mobile Phones which was very useful to me. So I would like to share the video tutorial to my readers


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