How to create New Xbox One Live Account

Want to create a new Xbox One Live Account ? Got Xbox One Gadget. Follow the Steps given below to create the Xbox One Gadget Account

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Xbox One

Steps to Create New Xbox One Live Account :

Step #1 : Turn on Xbox 

Step #2 : Press the guide Button and Select “Join Xbox Live” . Click Yes to confirm 

Step #3 : Select “Sign Me up” option

Step #4:  Enter your email address and password for your Windows Live Id. Press “Continue”

Step #5 : Select a secret Question from the list and enter the answer

Step #6 : Select Data of Birth

Step #7 : Accept terms and Conditions “Accept”. After that select “Continue” .

Step #8 : Select with subscription card .

Step #9: Enter the First name,last name and Mobile now. Click “Next” and then click “Continue”

Step #10 : Select your Game zone and  click “continue”

Step #11: Select an xbox Live Gamertag.

Step #12 : Click “Continue”. Your Xbox Account will be created .

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