How to Customize Folder Icons in Windows 8

Do you want to customize your Folder Icon on your Windows Computer ? Are you People who usually align everything in a Proper folder ? Then you must try this ? A Picture will make you to identify the Folder easy and Faster ? Make your Computer to interact with you now.

How to Change & Modify Folder Icon in Windows 8 & Windows 7

Here is an Simple Computer Tip for my readers to change the Folder Icon on My Computer.

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Why do you need to Customize the Folder icon on your Computer ?

  1. Interactive Folder Icon’s make the Screen Looks Catchy instead of seeing the normal folder icon.
  2. More Interactive
  3. You Can Search a folder Easy & Faster

The snapshot below shows that folder icon has been changed. I feel that it looks catchy and feel interactive with my desktop/laptop/Computer.You can see how well I have organized my personal folders with interactive icons. 

Screenshot of the Folder Icon In My computer on Windows 7 :

Folder Icons for Windows Computer XP

Folder Icons for Windows 7 Computer

Steps to Change the Folder Icon on My Computer :

Are you very curious to do this ? The Follow the steps give given below to modify your computer folder Icon

Step #1: Right Click on the folder .

Step #2: Select customize tab

Step #3: Now there will be an change icon button. Click that

step #4: Browse and select the icon image

Step #5 : Finally click ok.

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In our Next Post we will be sharing about how to change the Drive Icon in windows.

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