PC Maintenance – Clean computer Physically – Guide

PC Maintenance is very simple Process. In Most of the house we got computer , but now people are switching over from Computer to Laptop’s,  Tablets & Smart Phones. But still It’s very essential to clean and maintain a Computer. so that the Life span of the Computer will get increased.

How to Clean & Maintain Personal Computer (PC) ?

Instead of Calling the PC Service Person for every three months & maintaining it. Starting Learning to How to clean & maintain it properly. We gave some basic techniques to clean the PC.

Note : Before cleaning the computer Make sure that you switch off and remove all the wires & clean it.

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Methods to Clean the Computer Devices Physically – How to Guide:

Monitor/Video Display Unit :

For LCD/Flat panel monitors use mild cleaning liquid to a soft cotton cloth in wiping the screen surface For CRT Monitors, use glass cleaning liquid and soft cloth to clean the screen

Computer Repair & MaintenanceKeyboard :

Clean the keyboard Using compressed air or Vacuum Cleaner

Mouse :

Use a cloth moistened with antiseptic  liquid to rub the surface of the Mouse and each of the button to help the mouse clean and germ free. Clean the Mouse pad with damp cloth.

Speakers and UPS :

Clean the speakers and UPS using the compresses air or Vacuum cleaner

Mother Board :

For Cleaning the Motherboard use vacuum cleaner to clean. Use the soft cloth and clean the Intel or other product  processor Fan.


With the help of the eraser rub the golden foil at the bottom of the RAM and Fix the RAM correctly into the mother board. Before Fixing gently clean the mother Board with Vacuum cleaner.

Note : Fix all the Parts and wires correctly otherwise it may result in sorting.

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