How to enable Google Voice Search on PC – Video Tutorial

Want to search in Google With Voice?  Just speak with Google now it will automatically search and display the search results for you. Google Voice Search available for both Mac and Windows computer. Its very simple to install the Google Voice on computer

How to Install Google Voice Search on Computer/ Laptop

Daily I used to search in Google , Compose Mails in G-Mail and do voice chat in Google Talk . But today I just noticed an mike symbol in the Google search.

Google wants us to make your search very simple. Google introduces Voice Search for chrome  Browsers , it can search the web without typing a keystroke.

Google Voice Search On computer

Google Voice Search On computer

Voice Search doesn’t require any Setup. you just need a microphone plugged into your computer. Follow the steps given below

Steps for Installing Google Voice Search on Computer/ Laptop :

Step #1 : Just Download  install the updated Google Chrome Version.

Click Here to download latest chrome version for Google Voice Search.

step #2: After Installing the chrome browser on your computer. You can see a mike symbol that will appear on the Google search box.

Step #3 : Click that mike and speak. It will can search on web according to your Voice.

Here is an Video Tutorial for enable the Google Voice Search On PC

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