How to Modify Whatsapp number in Windows Phone

Did you installed WhatsApp on your new Windows Phone? Is it Possible to change the WhatsApp Number ? (i.e.) Migrating WhatsApp account from your old number to new number.

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How to Change Old WhatsApp Number to New WhatsApp Number on Mobile Phone?

Yes, the feature is available now in the beta version of the Whatsapp. You can easily change your old WhatsApp number to your new number. The Process is very simple you just need to follow the steps given below to migrate your Whatsapp.

WhatsApp Image Logo

WhatsApp Image Logo

Steps to change the WhatsApp number in Windows Phone 8:

Step #1: Open & Run WhatsApp

Step #2: Tap on Settings. It will navigate to Settings Profile Page.

Step #3: Swipe the Screen to Right side where you can find the change Number option

Step #4: Select the option “Change My number”

Step #5: It will redirect to the screen with a note as given below. Please read it carefully before changing

Note: Changing Phone number will migrate your account info, groups & settings. Before Proceeding, Please confirm that you are able to receive SMS or calls at your new number

Step #6: Enter your Old Mobile Number (Current Number) and the New Mobile Number (Number to be changed) on the respective boxes and tap on tick button

Step #7: Click on the Accept button , Your account details will be automatically migrated to your new number.

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