How to Turn off camera shutter Sounds for Nokia Asha Phones

Guide For Turning off the Camera sounds on all Nokia Asha Mobile Phones

We Found people in the middle class are buying Nokia asha 501 & Nokia Asha 305 & Nokia Asha 311 Mobile Phones.

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Steps  For Turning OFF the Camera (Shutter)  Sounds

There are two methods to turn/switch/toggle off the Camera Sounds on Nokia Asha Mobile Phones

Method 1 :

Step #1: Open the Camera App

Step #2: Tap on options “turn off the camera sounds” which u can find at the top

Note : If you can’t find this option go for the second method which is given below.

Method 2 :

Backup file allows you to overwrite the config files . so that we can make the camera sounds toggle working which will in turn allows us to turn off and on the camera sounds in Nokia phones automatically.

Step #1:  Download the Backup file

  • To Turn off Camera Shutter sounds on  Nokia Asha 501 : Click here Download
  • To Turn off Camera Shutter sounds on  Nokia Asha 305 : Click here Download
  • To Turn off Camera Shutter sounds on  Nokia Asha 311 : Click here Download

Step #2 : Tranfer or copy the file to the path Nokia Asha (Model) >  Memory Card  > Backup

Step #3 : Then Open Settings > Backup

Step #4 : Tap on the Restore from backup option on the Mobile.

Step #5:  Choose the newly copied backup file and tap on restore.

Step #6: Phone will restart automatically after it is success restored.

Now the Camera shutter sounds toggle will be working and we hope turn on and turn off the camera shutter sounds on Your Nokia Mobiles

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