Unlock & Reset Forgot Android Pattern – Fixed Solution

Forgot Android Pattern ? Want to Unlock & Reset the Android Pattern. Here is the fixed solution for resetting your pattern lock Easily.

How to Unlock Android Pattern Lock & Reset Forgot Android Pattern – Fixed solution:

Pattern Lock : Pattern lock screen act as a user interface where you can lock your gadgets like Smartphones,Tablets,Laptops etc with Pattern Lock. Its similar like username and password locking but it was a outdated method. Since technology has improved now ever days People love locking their smartphones with Pattern Lock.

Pattern Lock is available for all Android, Windows and Apple based Smartphones

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Did you forgot the Pattern? Let me tell some easy steps to Unlock pattern lock in android device.

Pattern Lock Screenshot

Pattern Lock Screenshot

Steps to Unlock & Reset Android Pattern Lock  : 

Step #1 : Draw the pattern 5 times in anyway.

Step #2 : After five times you will get a message like “You have incorrectly drawn Your unlock Pattern 5 times”. Please try again in 30 Seconds”

Step #3 : After 30 seconds you can see an other option named “Forgot Pattern”

Step #4 : Press forgot pattern . A window will prompt and ask for email address and password.

Step #5 : You need to enter the user name and password that you used for registering your android device.

Step #6 : Now you will have an option for reset the pattern . Reset and unlock it 🙂

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