Increase RAM in Android Devices – High Performance

Want to Increase RAM for Android Mobile Phones & Tablets ? Increase/upgrade or boost the Ram in Android Devices easily ? Get high Speed Performance by increasing your RAM on your devices.

Increase RAM in Android Mobile Phones & Devices [Tablets] :

                Increase Ram in Android Mobile will boost your android Phone performance. There are many ways to increase or upgrade or boost the Ram in your Android smart Phone. Most of the Smart Phones are working with Android and the Prize range of these phones are different based on the specification of the mobile. You can’t use bugger apps and cannot play heavy graphic games . you can’t run multiple application at the same time, hanging problem on budget phones. All these are due to processor and the Ram size.

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The easy solution for all these you should increase the Ram on the Android Mobiles.  This solution will boost your performance on Android Smartphone’s.

There are two to method to boost increase Ram in Android Mobile Phone/device or Tablet

1.  Using App – Free App available on the Android Market or Google Play store

2.  Using Premium App

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Increasing ram doesn’t mean that you are adding hardware to your Android device. It’s is not practically possible to alter the hardware of the Android phone. you might need some technical or Profession person to change the hardware in the Android Mobile.

Still we provide a simple way to increase ram in Android, Just need to follow the steps which are given below. We assure you that You can increase up to 4GB of ram.

Android Battery Performace

Android Battery Performance

How to Increase ram in Android Smartphone using App:

Roehsoft RAM Expander (SWAP)  – Premium App

Ram Expander is an most downloaded premium app that will increase ram for Android phone.It will just convert your android device SD card Memory into RAM [A part of].IT can be used as a virtual Ram for your Android device

How to Use RAM Expander to increase RAM in Android Mobiles:

We would personally suggest you to check the compatibility of this app (i.e.) Whether this app will work for your Android device. You can also try an testing app Memory Info & Wap file check before you buy RAM Expander.

Download the RAM Expander here to boost the Android Performance

Step #1: Download the App

Step #2: Create a SWAP file by tapping on SWAP Active

Step #3: Enable the SWAP File

Step #4:  click Grey Box and Activate SWAP

Features of the app :

  • Free SD Card Memory as a Ram use (SWAP RAM /SWAP MEMORY)
  • RAM expansion up to 4.0 GB
  • Widget for PNP swap (swap on / off swap)
  • Detailed Memory Information & Analysis
  • Auto run
  • Click optimization and automatic calculation)
  • Supporting Tung all Android devices (root access and Kernelswap support)

No limit on SWAP partition

Free App to Increase RAM in Android

Many Free Apps are available to increase or boost the Ram On Android device. Here are few Apps for Your Android Smartphone to increase Ram

Smart RAM Booster :

Most Popular app to optimize Ram for your Android  devices. It kills all the low priority process and its lighter weight small app with great user interface . It has also different modes like Aggressive, Strong, medium and gentle.

Download Smart RAM Booster

Memory Booster:

Another app to optimize and boost the  Android device perfomance – Available for free an you got also premium version.  It optimize the memory by defragmenting the android memory and also it prevents memory leaks caused by different application

Download Memory Booster

Manual Methods to increase ram in Android Mobile Phone

you just need the following things which are given below to increase the RAM on android Phone

SD Card ,Android Tablet , SD card Reader

Step #1: your device need to support SWAP function if you need to do this method.

Step #2: Download Mini Tool Partition from Google to your Computer

Step #3: Connect the Android SD card to computer with the help of card reader

Step #4:  Open the Mini tool Application . click on your SD card and choose delete option. Now  Your SD card will get formatted and you have un allocated space.

Step #5 : Make Partition on the SD card by right click option.  Leave about 1 GB for next partition

Step #6: Root Your Android device now and install Link2Sd.

Step #7: After installing launch this app and give root permission

Step #8:  Download swapper for Root and launch the app and the choose the amount of RAM for your device. check your Ram size it will automatically get increased 🙂

You can also similarly expand RAM For your Computers through FREE RAM Optimizer

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