How to type Rupee symbol on computer

Are you searching for typing Indian Rupee symbol through computer keyword ? When people are using Microsoft Word, excel they might need to calculate some finance or to have estimation or for a tender related things, People might need to use Indian Rupee symbol as their currency. Since the Symbol of Indian rupee is not a Unicode character. Here we have shared a small tutorial on inserting INR Rupee Symbol for Microsoft word, excel etc…

How to Download &  Install Rupee Font on computer:

Download the Indian Rupee Foradian Font

You can either directly install the font or for the below guide lines

Step #1: Just Double Click on the downloaded font and click install. Now it will get automatically installed on your computer


Step #1: Copy and paste the file in Font Folder (i.e.) C:\WINDOWS\Fonts

How to use Indian Rupee Font:

Step #1: Open the MS Word or MS Excel

Step #2: Now change the font to Rupee Foradian

Step #3:Press button (~) tidal symbol. [Tidal (~)Button will at the top of the TAB Button]

Step #4: Now Rupee symbol will be inserted in the Microsoft word , Excel etc.. On your Computer

Note: If you install Indian Rupee on your computer. You can view or display the font only in your machine since it is installed on the machine. This installation will be very helpful if you need to take printout of the particular document which includes Rupee Font. So If you open the same document in other computer, if the Rupee is not installed then it will show only the (~) symbol.

A simple Solution to this problem is that you can create a PDF file of your word document with font embedding enable. So that even when the font is missing, the character will be viewed at the PDF. You can have a look at my Sample PDF here. The Rupee symbol will be in the PDF even if the font is not installed on the Windows machine.

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