Get Live Advice & Learn New With Google Helpouts

Google Helpouts which allows people from all over the world to help each other by sharing their time. Google is introducing many new user friendly applications like

Google Hangout – Allows user to interact with each other where you got group vide chat etc..

Google Inactive Manager Account  – Decide Who want to Access all your Google accounts after you die.

Google Voice Search – How to voice search with Google On PC

Google Helpouts will be very useful for the people who seek for help from other person. You can able to connected via video chat with experts from various fields.

Google Helpouts will help you to solve your problem, you can also teach something new. The Ultimate feature of this Helpouts is you got free Or paid edition



Want to learn something new like playing chess, Musical instruments like guitar keyboard?

Try Google Helpouts here for free

As of Now Helpouts are classified into 8 Categories. These categories are listed below

  • Art & Music
  • Computers & Electronics
  • Cooking
  • Education & Careers
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Fitness & Nutrition
  • Health
  • Home & Garden

How to get started with Helpouts

To kick start your Helpouts, you need a Google+ Account or an Android device.

  • Now Sign in to Google Helpouts with the help of Google + Hangout Account.
  • You can browse &select the appropriate category in the Helpouts. If you looking for something specific you can also try out with search field available in the Helpouts.
  • After that Choose a Helpouts, If they are straight way in online in Helpouts you can seek help and shoot your doubts regarding the specific topic .If not book a time slot.
  • You can use it for free or you can pay through Google Wallet feature.
  • Finally after the Helpouts discussion leave a review and describe how the person helped you out. This will help other people who are looking for someone to help them. So that they can read the reviews & it will help them whether is it worth to pay for them in Helpouts

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Here is a Detailed Walk-through video from Google On “How to get Help on Hangouts” which describes much better.

How to make money with Helpouts:

You can earn money using Helpouts by teaching others or solving other issues or problems. You can earn about 80 % of the money and 20 % it will be offered to Google as small fee.

To Start gibing Help on Google Helpouts you need an invitation code.

How to get Google Helpouts invitation code :

            Follow these steps given below to receive and invitation code to Google Helpouts

Step #1:  Click here to get the code

Step #2:  Sign in with your Google account

Step #3: Choose the category and enter the information about your self

Step #4:In  Few Days you will receive an invitation code on your Gmail Inbox from Google Helpouts  🙂

Note : If you are not from Us or UK . You can officially activate the account but can’t receive payments from people that you are helping out.(i.e.) You can have only Free help outs:)

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