Steps to Retrieve Data from Crashed Hard Disk

Did Hard disk got crashed? Is it possible to retrieve the data from corrupted hard drive?  Hard disk will get crashed in unexpected situation it results in Data Loss. To avoid data loss you need to have the backup data from computer every week or you need to store files in Online or we should use external hard disk drives to store the data. The data is stored in the PC is always an important to us. In some unexpected situation our system hard disk gets crashed and all the data are lost. Have you lost your data due to hard disk crash then your are at the right place. Here is an ultimate guide to recover data from Corrupted Hard drive. Follow the below guide to do the same.

How to Recover Data from Corrupted/Crashed Hard Drive

As said already, all the files, videos, pictures, personal documents, bill payment pdfs, deposit details etc… Are very important to us. Do you lose all the precious data suddenly? Don’t worry we are here to help you and recover data from dead hard drive. Hope this tutorial will help you to solve the problem. With the below method I can able to recover data from crashed hard drive. Before Proceeding for the steps to retrieve data from dead hard disk understand why hard disk/drive or getting crashed.

Hard Drive Photography

Hard Drive Photography

First the hard disk corruption happens due to many reasons like sudden shout down of PC without closing running program, virus infections, and malware attack from Internet. All these first corrupt the system files when system files got corrupted, which results corrupted hard disk. But my hard drive crashed due to Formatting errors. Before Proceeding you should understand whether you hard disk failure with physical damage or your hard drive crashed with logical damage. Didn’t know whether your hard drive corrupted Physical or Logically? Check out other ultimate guide to understand whether the hard drive is damaged physically or logically. Only if your hard drive is damaged logically, you can manually recover by yourself with the help of below step guide.

Steps to Retrieve Data from Crashed Hard Drive:
Before Proceeding you need to remove Hard drive from your system and connect to another system. After that follow the steps given below to do data Recovery. There are two ways for recovering the data.

Data Recovery from Crashed Hard disk:

Follow this first method which is simple only if your crashed hard drive are detected in other computer. Now switch on the drive, check whether hard drive getting detected. Next thing copy the data that you want to recover from crashed hard drive and store it on other drive.

Data Recovery from Crashed Hard Drive:

If you are not able to recover the data manually, you will need a data recovery software. There are many free data recovery software in the market or on the web. Mini tool Power data Recovery software is one of best data recovery software which are available for free. You can download Data recovery software  to get back the data from damaged hard disk. So before Proceeding to data recovery download data recovery software and install on the system. Make sure you installing it hard disk working perfectly not the damaged hard disk

Step #1: Once done, launch the installed Software. You will find the below options

  1. Undeleted Recovery
  2. Lost Partition Recovery
  3. Digital Media Recovery
  4. CD/DVD Recovery
  5. Damaged Partition recovery.

Step #2: Select Damaged Partition Recovery. A window will get popped up which will have options to full scan. Select Full Scan Option. This will scan the data in the drive and display it on the computer screen.

Step #3: Next step is to select the files that you want to recover (i.e.) to get back. Once done, click on save option. After that you need to set destination path to store the recover data. Once after setting up destination path to recover data. Click Ok. That’s it. All the selected data will be recovered and copied to destination folder.

Important Note:  Files will not be aligned properly we need to manually align it also the free version copy 1GB data free to copy more than that you need to premium version of the software

That’s it! Once done. Verify whether all the selected data has been retrieved. If it has missed any select and retrieve it. 🙂 Kindly let us know if you have any queries to do data recovery from crashed hard disk.

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