Send Last Words to Facebook Friends after you die

Are you in Facebook ? Do you love friends more ? Did you get a chance to speak some last words with friends before you die? Not All the times you will get a chance to speak with friends. Here is an iFidie app which helps you share your last messages with friends

How to Send Messages/ Last Words to your Friends on Facebook From Grave [After Die ] :

ifidie Facebook Appifidie [ if I Die ]  is the first Facebook application that enables you to Create a video or a text messages which will be published  on your Wall, after you die. (i.e) It will automatically send a messages after you die to your loved ones.

ifidie Facebook app

ifidie Facebook app

Note: All messages are safely stored in secured location and only you can view them

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Do you want to record the Last words and share it on your Friends Wall after you die ?  Do You want to send Video & text Messages to friends & loved one’s from the grave? It’s just simple. Follow the steps which are given below

Steps to Setup & Install the ifidie Facebook Application

Step #1: Install the ifidie App on Facebook

Step #2: Open the App

Step #3: The user needs to choose three friends as “ trustees” who will be responsible for verifying their death in Facebook.

Step #4: Once that’s done, the messages will go out as like user Pre-determined.

Note : The specialty of the ifidie Facebook app is the messages can be video/text  Messages.

Want to Leave the message today click here

Watch your loved one’s from the grave 🙂

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