Best Home Monitoring System using SKYCAM

Do you want to Monitor your Home/ Office anywhere? Is it Possible to Monitor ? Yes it’s Possible using skype for Home Monitoring Security System

SKYCAM – Its  is a stand-alone wireless surveillance/monitoring video camera that uses Skype to watch over your pet, home, office, and more while you’re away. Simply install SKYCAM in your desired location, then download the Skype app to your smartphone, tablet, or PC to access your video stream from anywhere at anytime.

How to Monitor You Home/Office from Anywhere Using SKYCAM skype

Here is an fascinating product named SKYCAM. SKYCAM is a Monitoring System where it can be installed anywhere to monitor such home,office,shop etc. It’s very simple home monitoring system you can use it without spending huge bucks. SKYCAM is an IndieGoGo project where they sell IP-based monitoring webcam that relies on Skype. You can just call anyplace from Skype to monitor your home

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How SKYCAM unit Works ?

SKYCAM translate the videos through Skype. After installation You can just call the camera (i.e) Like Calling Friends on Skype. They respond to calls automatically for authorized people while the other calls will be rejected.

Home Monitoring System

Home Monitoring System

Steps to Install SKYCAM with Skype :

Step 1# : you have to create a Skype account for each camera purchased

Step #2 : Link to the Local Network

Step #3 : Once everything is setup You can monitor the home from any device [computer or Mobile]

Note : Once the cam is installed and connected to an internet network, you can monitor by calling the camera

Video Tutorial :


  • If You want to record the videos, you can connect an 16GB or 8 GB microSD card to the SKYCAM.
  • Got an option for shooting with night vision
  • The quality of the recorded video would be H.264 high quality compression.
  • Price : 99 $ Only (scheduled to be shipped in September)

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