Stop Playing Videos automatically on Facebook

Did Facebook Videos started to Playing automatically on the Timeline? Is it possible to stop the facebook auto play video feature? Are you getting annoyed & do you want to turn off the auto play videos immediately? Yes, you can stop the facebook videos playing continuously. You just need to follow the below set of instruction to turn off the auto-play feature on Facebook

Stop/Turn off Facebook Videos from Playing automatically 

We often upload our favorite videos on facebook. And we usually share it on the Timeline. In the initial stage the user needs to click the videos to play it. But now facebook has changed their algorithms (i.e.) when the user scrolls through the newsfeed, any videos will start playing automatically on the newsfeed without clicking on it.

Facebook Auto Play

Facebook Auto Play

They thought it will be more user friendly, but few people like me are really annoyed of this feature, because we don’t usually see all the videos to get auto-played. Also some users might have limited bandwidth internet connection, if it auto plays the videos it will suck all our bandwidth and the mobile data

Now Facebook has also introduced a new option to disable the Auto-Play videos in Facebook. This feature makes me to feel happier because I don’t want to spend all unnecessary bandwidth & data to this auto play features. Follow the instruction below to do the same.

Disable/Turn off Auto Play Video Feature on Facebook:

Step #1: Login to your facebook account

Step #2: Click on settings – (i.e.) click the arrow at the top right corner which will bring you a list of options where the user can see the list of option. In the list of options you will find settings

Step #3: Under setting section. Click on the Videos tab. Under Video tab you can two options 1. Video Default quality 2. Auto-Play Videos

Step #4: Select SD only in Video default quality & Turn off the Auto Play videos by selecting off Option In the drop down



That’s it you have turn off /Disabled the auto play feature for videos on facebook. Now in the News feed you will not find the Facebook videos playing automatically.

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