How to add sitemap to WordPress website footer

Add Sitemap to WordPress Website/Blog footer

Website Sitemap is important to Search engine to crawl your Pages.  The main Purpose of the Site Map is to identify the Pages of the Website which are not discovered by Google. If you got your sitemap on the landing page or Home page of your website or WordPress Website. the Crawl Spiders will easily identify all the Pages of the website

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There are Multiple Plugins available on WordPress to install the Site Map, but it might make your website to slow down.

I would suggest a best way by adding a single line of code at the footer of the WordPress website or blog.

Steps for adding the Sitemap Link to blog or Website:

Step #1: Login to Word press admin and navigate to Dashboard

Step #2: Under themes > footer.php [You can find footer.php over there .If you are using the default template or an template of WordPress then you can find the copyright information etc..]

Step #3 :  Below the copyright information code .. copy and Paste the Below code with your website sitemap link instead of my website.

<a href=”” target=”_blank”> </a>

Step 4 : click ‘Save Changes’

Step 5: Now you sitemap link will be on the footer of the home page or landing page.

Footer With SiteMap - Techiebeat

If You click on the link it will show the pages of URL of your Website (i.e) sitemap

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