List of Texting Abbreviations for online chatting & Messaging

Using Abbreviations are very common with the people who chat with Internet through Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn, or in any social networking sites 🙂 Facebook is the most popular social networking site because of the features like sending the message on Facebook even after you die; leaving comments is the fastest way to communicate for people. You can also create a Facebook share Photo album & Share it with your friends. Most of the People who used to chat on Phone or in social networking sites like Facebook; they use the method called texting shorthand (i.e.) typing the text message in a short way like abbreviations or shortcut.

Internet Slang Words & Abbreviations on white board

Teaching Internet Slang Words & Abbreviations on white board

Most Commonly used Words for  Online Chatters during texting & Chatting

we have listed some most common spoken chat words or  Internet slang words or abbreviation that are used in Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn, or in any social networking sites. You can use these short words while you are chatting with friends or you can use it in the Social Networking status updates. Chatters used to convey their gossips &message in short-hand or different abbreviations which will help to convey their messages faster.

Abbreviations & Internet slang words:

  1. ASAP – As soon as Possible
  2. AKA – Also Known As
  3. ATM – At This Moment
  5. AW- Anyway
  6. BBS – Be Back soon
  7. BBL – Be Back Later
  8. BRB – Be Right Back
  9. BC– Be cool
  10. BTW- By the Way
  11. B4 – Before
  12. CFY- Calling For You
  13. CTS- Changing the Subject
  14. CU-See You
  15. CUL – See You Later
  16. DND– Do not Disturb
  17. DDT – Don’t to do That
  18. DARL – Darling
  19. DAM – Don’t Ask me
  20. D8– DATE
  21. F2F– Face to Face
  22. FAQ – Frequently asked questions
  23. F9 -Fine
  24. FB – Facebook
  25. FOS– Freedom of speech
  26. FYI – for Your Information
  27. G2B – Going To Bed
  28. GTG – Got to go
  29. G2E– Going  To Eat
  30. GF– Girl Friend
  31. GM – Good Morning
  32. GE– Good Evening
  33. GN – Good Night
  34. HAND – Have a Nice Day
  35. HBW– How about you
  36. IDC – I don’t care
  37. IS – I’m sorry
  38. JAM – Just A Minute
  39. L8R-Later
  40. LMA – Leave me alone
  41. LAM – Leave a msg
  42. LOL– Laughing On Roll
  43. Msg– Message
  44. NP– No Problem
  45. R8 – Right
  46. ROFL – Rolling on the Floor Laughing
  47. PM – Private Message
  48. S2R – Send to Receive
  49. TC- Take Care
  50. Txt– Text
  51. WTF– What the Fuck
  52. OMG – Oh My God!

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