Decide What Happens to Google Account when You die

               Now ever days People are driving with technology like anything. People Started to jump from Computers to Mobile Phones now. Smart Phone Plays a major role in all of our Life. All your Personal Data’s are dumped in your Google Account Online. People used to transfer their Photos, videos from android mobile to computer then storing it in online. Do you got the data on Google’s services like Gmail, Blogger, YouTube, Google+, Picasa web Albums, Google Voice &  Google drive ?

Did you ever thought of What will happen to the that are stored in Online? Here is the Solution for this provided by Google ? Now You can configure the Death of your Google Account before Your Die with Google Inactive Manager.

Google Inactive Manager & Features:

With the Help of  Google Inactive Manager you can decide if and when your account is treated as inactive , whats happens with your data and who is notified. It just simple like you are telling Google What to do with your data after You die.

It provides you various option like

  • The Data Can be shared With trusted friend/ family member
  • Your account cant be Deleted entirely
  • Have a option to send alert to trusted friends
Google Inactive Manager

Google Inactive Manager- Tell Google What to do With Your data After your Die

How Google Inactive Manager works ?

Google Uses inactivity as a key which is said to  be Timeout period, Where user can set the time of inactivity . It may be three, six, nine or 12 months. When the User not accessing the account (i.e) It will happen only when people die. It will automatically configure as per your setting like it will send alert to 10 trusted friend. If you configured to delete the entire account then it will automatically delete the entire Google account. You will also get a text message to your mobile and an email to a secondary address (i.e) But there is no use of it after You die.

Do You want to setup the Google Inactive Manger Now ?

Google Inactive Account Manager

Important Note : We recommend you to read the Steps to setup the Google Inactive Account Manager before setting up the Inactive Manager.

Google is really doing an amazing job. We made Google to think Much beyond us. Google is just waiting for us to die. So that  it can share the data to “trustee” when you are in Grave.


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