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Got New iPad ? Do you stored all the songs & the data in iTunes ? Do you want to copy & transfer data  from Old iPad to New iPad ? As the technology gets upgrade the new gadgets are getting released often . So People started to love their gadgets they used to started to buy or upgrade the gadgets to higher Version .And they also started to organize their data with the help of basic application in the new Gadgets. So When People buy a New Gadget they want the data to be copied from their old Phones to their new one’s.  Is it easy to transfer the data between iPad’s? Is there is any fastest method of transferring the data from old iPad to new iPad ? You have all the answers below. Its just simple and faster method of moving the data. Follow the Steps given below.

How to Transfer ,Copy & Move Data  from Old to New iPad :

Apple releases new iPad for every year with awesome new features. If you are a Gadget Geek , you would get or upgrade to the New Apple Products such  as iPhone,iPad etc.. so you need to move the date from older to newer.Are you ready to copy the data from Old iPad to New iPad ?  Then follow the steps given below.

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There is an two way to transfer or migrate the data from one ipad to another

1.  Transferring data using icloud

2. Transferring data using iTunes

Steps to transfer data between Old & New iPad – iTunes :

We Personally recommend to go with method because the migrating the data between will the faster compare to iCloud.

iTunes Logo

iTunes Logo

Step #1: Launch iTunes Application on windows/MAC OS Computer

Step #2: Now connect your  Old iPad using the calbel

Step #3: Right click on the ‘iPad’ name and choose ‘Backup’ in the iTunes Sidebar Panel

Step #4:  Remove/disconnect the iPad once backup is completed.

Step #5: Before connecting the new iPad to the computer . click ‘set up an iPad‘ and choose ‘Restore from iTunes Backup’ and tap next

Step #6 : Now connect to PC and choose the recent backup from the restore menu in iTunes Application

Step #7: Click ‘continue’ .

All the data will be moved from one to other iPad using iTunes

Note : Processing time will be based on the Size of the data but speeder than icloud

Steps to transfer data between Old & New iPad -iCloud :

Apple icloud Logo

Apple iCloud Logo

Here is an step by step tutorial on moving the data on Ipad using icloud

Before Transfering you need to have an iCloud Setup and it should be configured on ipad

Old iPad Settings :

Step #1 : Go to ‘Settings’ and tap on ‘icloud’

Step #2: Now choose the option ‘Storage and Backup’

Step #3: To initiate a icloud backup manually click on ‘Back up now‘ option

Step #4: Let’s wait for some time until the backup is finished

New iPad Settings

Step #1 : Click ‘‘set iPad‘ Screen and choose ‘Restore from iCloud Backup’ option and tap ‘Next’

Step #2 : Login to The iCloud Account and choose the backup [created in old ipad]

Step #3 : Now tap on ‘Restore option’ and now the data will be transfered or moved from icloud to ipad

Note: Processing time will be based on the internet connection

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