How to handle/use a Mouse – Learn With Demo

Most of the time Bloggers who do blogging and IT Professionals who do code sit in front of computer for day & nights. Even IT Professional people used to stay at night and do their development work. But they don’t know how to take care of the health when they are sitting in front of computer. So they used suffer from major diseases like Back Pain ,wrist pain, carpal Tunnel syndrome etc.. Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused due to incorrect handling or using the mouse. So you should know how to use & handle  the computer Mouse Properly. Now we will give an small tutorial guide on Safe Mouse Handling Tips

How to handle/use A Computer Mouse:

The Below Info-graphic explains you to handle the Computer Mouse Properly . It give you a clear information about the Correct & incorrect Ways to use the Mouse. So here after when your start working with the computer Mouse use your hand properly to hold the mouse.

Most of kids started to work in computer in their young Age. so we would suggest to teach your kids with the above picture . so that they wont get affected with Carpal tunnel syndrome in Future.

Correct & Incorrect ways to use the Computer Mouse:

How to Handle/ Use A Computer Mouse

How to Handle/ Use A Computer Mouse


Make Your Wrist to work Right  🙂 Happy Blogging 🙂

Note : The mistake daily mouse and keyboard usage will result in carpal Tunnel Syndrome which occurs when medium nerve is Compressed at the wrist.

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