Setup Google Inactive Account Manager – How to Setup Guide

Setup Google Inactive Manager – Telling Google What to do with your data after You die. Google Inactve Manger Various options which are given below.

  • The Data Can be shared With trusted friend/ family member
  • Your account can’t be Deleted entirely
  • Have a option to send alert to trusted friends

You may choose any one of the Option above. Do you Want to know More about Google Inactive Manager then you can

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How to Setup Google Inactive Manager Account – Ultimate Guide

This Ultimate Guide helps in Setting up the Google Inactive Manager Account. Are you ready to install On Your Google account?.

You just need to follow the steps which are given below.

Steps to Setup Google Inactive Manager Account :

Step #1: Go to Google Inactive Account Manager.

Step #2: In The Alert Me Section. Enter the Phone Number & Secondary email address.

Alert Me – For Getting the alter Messages after the inactive Key

Step #3: Setup Timeout Period for your account

Time Out Period – That act as inactive Key. Get alert to your registered Mobile Number before this period expires from Google

Step #4: Add the Trusted Contact to share the Data. Click Next . Pick appropriate category to share with the Corresponding Person.

[ Social Networking Profile you may give for Family, Pages & Blogging you may give to your friends/ Grandson’s to continue. as well as Picasa web albums  YouTube and other Google services for your family and friends ]

Step #5: You can also Delete the account Without all the option selected. so that your secrets also die when you die. 😛

Step #6: After finishing the setup click Enabled.

Note : You can also turn off the Google Inactive Manager if needed. By Default it will be turned off

That’s it. Your Google Inactive Manager Setup is Successfully Installed on Google Account. Now Google is Waiting for you to die.

Screenshot of Google Inactive Account Manager :

Google Inactive Manager Setup

Google Inactive Account Manager Setup

After finishing the setup click enabled. And Now Google Waiting  for to die 😛

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