XBOX ONE Release date-price-hardware-software-specification

XBox one was the famous Gaming Gadget intoduced by Microsoft. It became more famous among young teens. even In the restaurants , Movie theaters they have X Box Gaming Console.

XBOX One Price – Release Date And Configurations Details :

Microsoft is ready to enter a new era of console gaming and take on a new generation of multimedia consumers. Xbox One Offer Gaming ,TV music and movies.  It is one of the entertainment device which handles gaming and your entertainment needs.

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XBox Release Date : End of 2013 Xbox One

[Expected to be in November or December 2013 ] 

Xbox One Price :  $400 (£250 excluding taxes in UK)

Xbox One Hardware Specification:

  • AMD Jaguar based 1.6 GHz Octa Core CPU
  • 8 GB shared DDR3 RAM
  • 500 GB HDD
  • Blu-ray Drive
  • 802.11n Wireless with Wi-Fi Direct
  • 800 MHz DirectX 11.1 capable GPU
  • HDMI in/out
  • USB 3.0
  • 1080P display
  • 7.1 surround sound

The Xbox Kinect contains 2,50,000 pixel infrared depth sensor as well as a regular webcam with 720p.

Live demo at the launch of xbox One Watch here

XBox One Software :

Mircrosoft, the new XBOX One runs on three different operating systems. The Os is based on Microsoft’s Hyper-V Hypervisor technology . The Hypervisor technology activates in other two operating system such as Xbox OS and windows OS

XBOX OS for playing Games

And Windows Os For Apps such as Tv,Skype, Entertainmetn apps,etc..

Xbox One Features :

  • You can switch from music to the internet or TV to a game  and vice versa etc…
  • Voice control helps you to control the device with the gestures.
  • You can now watch your favorite movie, browse to the internet ,play games and you can also do Skype calls.
  • Xbox Live and Cloud Integration: The Xbox One which will allow you to save games, movies and music.

Stay tuned for Xbox One to come out.  Do u want to know to create a new xbox live account. click on the below link to read the tutorial 🙂

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