How to automatically get subtitles in VLC for Movies, Videos & songs

Do you want to download &  display subtitle automatically on VLC Player ? Check out Some interesting links below to subtitle to your movies. Check out the article to reduce your effort and it will load it automatically .

Download & Play or add or display Subtitle Automatically On VLC Player :

People used to download the subtitles from Google and watch the movies or video or songs. Because Subtitles will help you to understand the movie without knowing the original language. There are plenty of best Subtitle websites that gets the subtitles for any movies or video songs in different language. Some of the subtitles Collection websites are, etc..

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Most of the users used to watch movies and Play songs and videos in VLC Media Player with Subtitle. It is one of the Popular and most download media Player. VLC supports subtitles feature with many formats like .srt,.sub..rt. Even though it supports, it can’t search and get the subtitles automatically.

VLSUB is an extension for VLC Player which can search and download or get the subtitles from the with the name of the playing Movie. It automatically adds or loads subtitles and display movies with Subtitles on your VLC


VLC Media Player Logo

VLC Media Player Logo

Steps For  Download and Install VLSUB In VLC Media Player

Step 1 : Download the VLSUB and then Extract to VLSB_MASTER Folder.

Step 2: After Extracting the folder, youc an find the Vlsub.lua file

Step 3:  Move the Vlsub.lua file to the VLC Extensions folder. If you have not installed VLC Download and install it then move the file to the extension folder.

If you are using Windows OS

Then the path to store that vlsub file is C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\lua\extensions

Note: If You have installed VLC in Local Disk C: Drive . If you don’t have extension folder create a new folder and name it as extension

VLC Media Player -VLC SUB Extenstion

Step 4 : Open the VLC  Media Player and Play any movie and open the VLSUB from the Menus.

i.e View -> VLSUB0.9 option.

Step 5 :VLSUB Window will Prompt and now you can choose the language of subtitle  and search subtitles for your videos or movies.

VLC Media Player -VLC SUB Extenstion 2 Techiebeat

Step 6 : You can find the subtitles and download it. It will load automatically and adds in the current Playing video or Movie.

Download the VLSUB HERE

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